E-mobility in urban housing – Ready to URcharge ?! (Moderation: Marlene Doiber)

e-mobility in urban multi-party housing – Ready to URcharge?!

The research and pilot project URCHARGE – funded by the Climate and Energy Fund – investigated how charging opportunities in urban multi-party housing can be expanded quickly and in a way that protects the energy network, thereby promoting electromobility. An essential component was the use of load management in order to compensate for peaks, especially in the evening hours.

In a six-month large-scale trial with 51 participants in a residential complex in Linz, numerous experiences and findings for the future of charging in urban multi-party housing were gathered.

On June 8, 2021, the representatives of the project gave an insight into their work, the results and findings as well as challenges during the pilot operation as part of an expert forum, moderated by Marlene Doiber. Another exciting part was the prospect of where the journey in the field of electromobility and charging in urban housing could lead in the future.

The expert forum is available on the LINZ AG YouTube channel: Link to the recording (German)