GIS & Stastical Modeling

GIS-Modeling, Automatisation and Plugin-Development

Based on the experience from a wide range of research projects in the domain of spatial- and mobility research, tbw research has gained valuable expertise in spatial and statistical modeling as well as in the automatisation of those analyses through scripts and plugins.


Moderation of panel discussions, workshops, events

Whether a panel discussion, project kick-off or closing event, online discussion, focus group or round table: We offer you authentic, professional moderation. You will receive your individual offer on request.

Gendersupport in R&D

Gendersupport in R&D projects

As an independent, non-profit organization, tbw research is committed to gender equality, equal opportunities and diversity in society, especially in the areas of gender-sensitive research and development and women in technical professions.

Mobility Research (mobility of people, logistics)

Scientific knowledge as base for tomorrow's mobility solutions

In order to change our mobility for the better, we first need to understand how it comes about. That’s why mobility research is a key activity at tbwr, not least because tomorrow’s mobility solutions build on a solid scientific knowledge base – as basis for the development of climate-friendly mobility services.

Traffic infrastructure appraisals

Traffic infrastructure appraisals for diligent strategic planning decisions

Traffic infrastructure appraisals are essential tools for diligent strategic planning decisions. Based on our extensive experience from national and international projects, we carry out economic and financial cost-benefit analyzes in the transport and mobility sector.


Site Assessment & Traffic Surveys

Site assessments and traffic surveys as basis for a series of decisions

Site assessments and traffic surveys form the basis for a series of decisions made by private and public actors. Our competences particularly relate to the implementation of comprehensive accessibility analyzes and the assessment of traffic effects of construction projects.

Professional Project Management

Application and Project Management

With our expertise and experience, we can quickly identify the core of a research topic. The project’s success depends heavily on the financing and thus to a promising application. We ask right questions to translate answers into successful project applications and support you for a successful project execution.



With gender workshops, we offer the opportunity to address your needs on a topic-specific basis. You will receive your individual offer on request.

GIS training courses

GIS training courses

We offer training courses and workshops in the areas of GIS (geographic information systems) that are tailored to the organization and requirements.