We have years of experience in research and project management for a successful project launch:

  • Support in concept development
  • Compilation of the project team
  • Identification of appropriate programs to finance a research project
  • Funding Factsheets: Easily assess the suitability of funding programs for your project ideas
  • Communication with funding institutions
  • Development and structuring of R&D projects (including evaluation of innovation content, state of the art, preparation of time and cost plans)
  • Organization and moderation of workshops and meetings
  • Standardization, finalization and optimization of submission documents

Since 2015 we have been successful in the following programs: “Leuchttürme der Elektromobilität”, “Mobilität der Zukunft”, “FEMtech”, “ERA-NET”, “Produktion der Zukunft”, “JPI Urban Europe”, etc.

Successful project execution through qualified project management and controlling with diverse capabilities:

Up to 15 companies and up to 80 people work together in our research projects – often over a period of up to three years. People with different characters, personal background, knowledge and experience are working together on a development. In addition to the common, there are often personal interests and higher-level corporate interests, which are not always in harmony with each other. Here you have to be able to listen, to provide space and to steer conflicts – and in addition to professionally master the appropriate tools and instruments of project management:

  • Support in formulating project goals and success criteria
  • Detailed structuring of the project process: milestones, scheduling, capacity planning, cost planning, quality planning
  • Continuous documentation of the results
  • Ongoing process controlling: designing an adequate project culture
  • Project management tools: tailored to the specific project
  • Project marketing, dissemination: creation and design of project websites, folders, rollups, etc. as well as distribution via platforms such as Twitter, ResearchGate, etc.
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