better to work : better for life

better to work : better for life is about a new type of synergetic combination of company mobility management and company health promotion with the aim of developing and implementing sustainable and effective measures to improve health and well-being at work.
As an essential component of everyday mobility, commuting to work opens up substantial potential for physical activity if it is done on foot or by bicycle (including access routes to public transport). Therefore work trips can be seen as one key element of workplace health promotion (WHP).

Although company mobility management should consider all modes of transport in an integrated way, the focus here is on supporting the use of active forms of mobility. This aims to increase physical activity as an integral part of workplace health promotion.

Following an analysis of the mobility needs of employees, various mobility management measures are developed to promote physical activity. Measures are developed and implemented together with the employees in order to reduce barriers to active mobility, to motivate to test new mobility behaviour patterns and to establish new active forms of travelling.

We are also testing the incentive effect of the innovative active2work working time model, in which part of the travel time to the workplace is included in the working time in order to compensate for the additional time spent on active and public transport based mobility on the way to work and to make active mobility on work trips more suitable for everyday life.

In addition, workplace health promotion and workplace mobility management should become more firmly anchored in the system and gain greater acceptance by management and employees. Together with those responsible, a critical examination of the conditions in which integrated mobility and health management is integrated is carried out.

Client Funded by Fonds Gesundes Österreich within the call „Aktive Mobilität – gesund unterwegs! Gehen, radeln, rollern & Co im Alltag“
Project Partners ­tbw research GesmbH (Project Lead),
iC consulenten ZT GesmbH,
flussbau iC GesmbH
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Project Duration January 2020 to December 2021
Services of tbwr Projekt Management and Dissemination,
Research and content processing in Mobility Management and Workplace Health