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In the course of the preceding project ,emobil bringt's', a new decision basis for the use of electric vehicles in the conception of a new or existing delivery service. It turned out that many electric vehicles seem to be suited for delivery service such as E-Transportationbikes, E-Scooters, Jetflyers, Trikes or Twizy although there exists no data about the real driving performance. Especially for delivery services, such information would be crucial. The project facts&fun dealt with the acquisition of data about the performance of those vehicles under influences such as extreme slopes, slippery streets, heavy loading volumes, maneuverability, and necessary energy expenditure by the driver. This was on the one hand obtained through a playful approach in testing-settings at e-mobility conventions and on the other hand through planned rides with selected delivery services. The results are ready for practical use and were refined for the respective companies.

Client Climate and Energy Fund
Project Partners tbw research GesmbH (Project Lead),
Austrian Economic Chambers,
BieM - Bundesinitiative eMobilität Austria,
ENU GesmbH,
e-pendler in niederösterreich,
HERRY Consult GmbH,
e-mobility Graz GmbH,
Quintessenz Organisationsberatung GmbH,
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Project Duration January 2016 to January 2017
Services of tbwr Competitions,
Conception and Implementation,
Project Lead and Management