Within the last few years, Austrian Research & Development activities have been primarily focused on solutions and strategies lowering negative development in the sector of freight traffic. The resulting innovations mostly show solutions for the reorientation of freight traffic flows, but are mostly not implemented due to a lack of implementation and demand. One of the biggest challenges is the discrepancy between the benefits within national economies, but rather a lack of profitability of businesses. Therefore a shift in paradigm concerning the mobility of freight traffic-systems is getting weakened or hindered totally.

MUKE therefore aims at promising but not yet completed research projects. To identify these projects as valuable for implementing innovations, to communicate possible solutions and to recommend further actions will be focused on. Creating a better legal frame, lowering fears of innovative thoughts, displaying cost of logistics more transparent and enhancing awareness among stakeholders should be the main outcome. Active feedback-loops of stakeholders and players will take part in decision-making-processes and further influence solutions, to tighten the acceptance within the logistics sector. As the third and one of the main conclusion of the study, the grading of these measures considering their impact on reaching climate-goals and sustainability aspects, will be stressed upon.

Due to the cooperation with BMK and their ExtraLawMobility-program, knowledge which was generated by MUKE should be assessed and valuated. Within this frame, MUKE delivers first-hand experience regarding the establishment of a new freight traffic-system with high-leverage and low-effort measurements. Follow-up-Projects could include adjustments in statutory provisions, or implementations of climate-goals and sustainability aspects.

Client Republic of Austria, Ministry for Climate Action (BMK) & Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)
Project Partners ­tbw research GesmbH (Project Lead),
University of Economics & Business – Research Institute for Supply Chain Management,
University of Economics & Business – Institute for Public Austrian and European Law
Further Information

Project Duration March 2020 to March 2021
Services of tbwr Projectdevelopment and –organization,
Projectpool-development (Identification of barriers to implement and factors of success within R&D-Projects),
Impact-studies of modified Frameworks,
Evaluation of rebound-effects,
Assistance of interdisciplinary collaboration by project-partners,
Core capabilities: statistical analysis, data processing, traffic-infrastructure and location-assessment, multi-modal accessibility-analysis, strategic concepts of traffic-planning,