TraRa in the Energiebezirk (energy district)

With TraRa in the energy district, demand-oriented solutions for the integration of e-transport bicycles in existing and emerging e-mobility points and sharing concepts are being designed for three implementation areas in Upper Austria - Freistadt, Pregarten and Gallneukirchen - and implemented in a test run. Consistent and early involvement of stakeholders should help to create a long-term, user-friendly, multimodal and networked mobility system in rural communities.

The e-cargo bicycle offers great potential for shifting emission-intensive car trips to sustainable mobility alternatives. In order to make this a reality in people's everyday lives, e-cargo bikes are to be provided and integrated into existing sharing concepts such as the MühlFerdl. Freistadt, Pregarten and Gallneukirchen are planned as test and implementation areas for the project. Here, a variety of synergies with companies, housing developers and other players will be demonstrated, for whom cargo bicycles can represent an innovative mobility offer.

TraRa in the energy district aims at the integration of e-cargo bicycles to support climate-neutral local mobility and the expansion of e-car sharing locations to mobility stations. This is to link and promote active forms of mobility, sharing offers and e-mobility in small rural towns. In this way, the sharing of e-vehicles and the advantages of e-mobility can be experienced and active mobility can be consolidated as a health-promoting component of everyday life.

In the course of the project, the existing chances and hurdles in the realisation of e-vehicle-sharing will be analysed and the general conditions and responsibilities for the implementation of (e-) cargo bicycle-sharing in the implementation areas will be worked out. The service will be integrated as a pilot into existing or emerging sharing concepts.

The conception and implementation of services and the integration of e-cargo bicycles in existing and emerging e-mobi points and sharing concepts as well as the pilot operation will highlight opportunities and obstacles in the implementation of e-sharing and show how these can be dealt with. The Lessons Learned and the developed implementation guidance can serve other rural communities in the implementation of similar projects.

Client Austrian Climate and Energy Fund within the framework of the programme "Electro Mobility in Practice"
Project Partners ­tbw research GesmbH,
Energy District of Freistadt (Project Lead),
Energy Changes Projektentwicklung GmbH
Further Information

Project Duration February 2020 to January 2021
Services of tbwr Conception of the user analysis and co-creation workshops