emobil bringt's

There are more than 1200 delivery services for meals in Austria. Additionally, services delivering fresh and frozen goods from supermarkets must be added. In Austria, all of these delivery services use conventional vehicles which lead to an enormous traffic- and environmental impact. The project ,emobil bringt's' developed sound decision-making tools for the use of e-vehicles during the construction or the rearrangement of vehicle fleets of existing delivery services. The results are tailor-made solution approaches for the use of electric mobility for food delivery services. The use of electric mobility in various areas of life results in consciousness raising and facilitates the access for emobility.

Client Climate and Energy Fund & Kommunalkredit Public Consulting GmbH
Project Partners tbw research GesmbH (Project Lead),
Bundesinitiative eMobility Austria (BieM),
ETA Umweltmanagement GmbH,
HERRY Consult GmbH,
iC consulenten Ziviltechniker GesmbH,
McDonald’s Österreich,
Rita bringt's
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Project Duration January 2015 to April 2017
Services of tbwr Project Management and Dissemination