Both at national and international levels (EU, territories where EU funding instruments are used or EU banks such as the EBRD invest in projects, respectively), it is imperative to conduct cost-benefit analyzes on larger investment projects. Precisely because there are considerable differences between the infrastructures in individual regions and countries as well as the respective evaluation methods used, the CBA is a key element of joint funding or financing decisions. By establishing common standards in carrying out economic analyzes, projects can be better compared and the process of project selection or financing decisions is made more transparent.

Our competences in the field of economic evaluation of transport infrastructure and the related cost-benefit analyzes (CBA) specifically include:

  • Definition of the respective system boundaries, investigation areas, stakeholder groups and analysis horizons
  • Identification of project-relevant CBA scenarios and national framework parameters
  • Conversions and corrections: market prices to shadow prices, tax adjustments, inflation adjustment
  • Assessment and quantification of external effects in the transport sector
  • Carrying out sensitivity, scenario and risk analyzes
  • Prediction of uncertainty factors
  • Calculation of CBA performance parameters: internal rate of return, cost-benefit ratio, etc.
  • Competent and efficient communication with IFIs (International Financial Institutions)
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