Speech recognition systems that do not recognize female voices …

Crash test dummies that put pregnant women at risk …

Safety clothing that becomes a safety risk …

All of this happens when gender aspects are neglected in R&D projects and it costs a lot of money!

Support in R&D projects

There is no research and development without gender relevance! Regardless of whether a machine, an algorithm or a service is developed, there are people who let their own reality flow into these developments and people who then (should or must) use them. Often, however, the requirements of users do not agree with the expected requirements of developers, since they are at home in different realities of life, and technologies and services that are developed in a time-consuming and costly manner are simply not accepted by a large number of people.

Why is this and how can it be prevented?

With the SEAMLESS R&D gender tool, tbwr has developed a tool for the easy handling of gender-specific issues in technological research projects. With the help of the tool, we offer targeted support for technological R&D projects.

These are:

  • Gender expertise in FEMTech research projects – GENDER-BASED INNOVATION
  • Gender expertise in FEMtech career talents projects
  • External or internal gender expertise in research projects (as a project partner or third party service)


  • RisC software development: FemPower ED @ RISC (FEMtech career)
  • tbwr: No more borders – new structures for companies (FEMtech careers)
  • Taxi 31300: Taxi Plus (FemTech research project)
  • R&D projects: SEAMLESS, BIM Herit, active2work, electrical feeling (gender support)

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