When choosing a business location, a great many interests must be carefully coordinated: not every location suits every type of economic activity. Especially in urban areas free space is scarce and often expensive, and the interactions with other locational uses are complex and far-reaching. This makes a comprehensive assessment of the location and its specific location factors inevitable aiming at responsible strategic business decisions.

In the field of real estate development and within the framework of permission procedures, traffic surveys play a key role: on the one hand, it is important to consider a site’s accessibility, e.g. in order to determine whether the real estate price is appropriate or not. On the other hand, in the course of permissions procedures it needs to be estimated to what extent the additional traffic generated by the creation of new housing be handled by the surrounding area (road capacity, driving speeds, traffic densities, etc.).

Our competences in the field of site assessment and traffic surveys include:

  • multi-modal accessibility analyzes (car, public transport, active traffic modes pedestrian and cycling traffic) and intermodal comparisons
  • Spatial analyzes of purchase power, social milieus and the identification of sales territories or catchment areas
  • Thematic spatial analyzes, e.g. retail density, social infrastructure, possible conflicts of use
  • Analysis of the actual situation (traffic volume, capacity, stationary traffic)
  • Estimation and forecasting of traffic generation
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