Car-sharing systems and the usage of electric cars become increasingly popular among urban citizens. Thus, providing vast opportunities to meet today’s challenges in terms of environmental objectives, sustainability and living quality. Our society needs to manage a transformation process that ultimately shall lead to fewer emissions and less energy consumption while increasing the quality of public space available.
In e4-share, the team laid the foundations for efficient and economically viable electric car-sharing systems by studying and solving the optimization problems arising in their design and operations. A main goal was to derive generic methods and strategies for optimized planning and operating in particular for flexible variants which best meet preferences of customers but impose nontrivial challenges to operators. This project provides novel, exact and heuristic, numerical methods for finding suitable solutions to the optimization problems arising at the various planning levels as well as new, innovative approaches considering these levels simultaneously.

Client Joint Programming Initiative Urban Europe (JPI)
Project Partners ­tbw research GesmbH,
University of Vienna - Department of Statistics and Operation Research (Project Lead),
­AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH - Dynamic Transportation Systems,
­Alma Mater University of Bologna - Department of Electrical, Electronics and information Engineering,
­­Université Libre de Bruxelles - Département d’informatique
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Fotocredits: tbw research - C. Raffler, AIT - Austrian Institute of Technology, Pixabay, University of Vienna - DSOR

Project Duration October 2014 to September 2017
Services of tbwr Analysis and Conception of Incentives,
Evaluation and Validation,
Stakeholder Dialogue