The Department of Energy & Renewable Resources deals with sustainable technologies for the provision of energy and products. In this area the development of biorefineries which integrate the production of products with the generation of energy is of primary interest.

Within interdisciplinary teams new bio-based products and technologies and are being developed. From the start tbw’s research and development work has clear goals: To deliver concrete results, to generate customer value and to prepare/initiate future implementation. Specific attention and support is provided to SMEs respectively. Innovation and development is driven forward by means of conjoint efforts and cooperation with other research institutions and business partners likewise.

Focus of tbw research in the field of Energy and Renewable Resources:

  • Development and implementation of customized innovation and research projects: Conception, submission for research funding and implementation of applied R&D projects.
  • Biorefineries: Development and optimization of process technology and new bio-based products.
  • Sustainable energy from renewable resources
  • Know-how transfer: Support business partners in transferring new technologies and products to the market.